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Client Reviews
I couldn't be happier with the service I received. Heather was available to take my calls or answer my emails through out the whole process. She followed through on everything she said and got me the settlement that I deserved. She is an awesome lawyer and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs someone who will fight for you and win!
May 7, 2015  
S. Hill via Law Office Facebook page
It is unfortunate that some of us end up in peculiar situations, such as a car accident. But when you find yourself there, you want to be taken care of, represented, advised and securely led to a solution. This is where Heather came through for me!!  I am an active duty soldier, and after being involved in an accident, in pain and rather confused on what is the next best move, a friend who had also been previously been represented by Heather, recommended this outstanding attorney. I was treated with compassion and care, I was sent to the right places for the right treatment, and my concerns mattered. With Heather, a client is not just a number, a moneymaker, she really cares and is there every step of the way. Texts and calls over holidays, weekends, after hours, not a problem for Heather. In the end, the case was resolved and all financial aspects were taken care of. What a relief. Sure, I hope not to have to need an attorney any time soon, but if I do, Heather is the ONE!!!
4/10/2015  D. Hermann
via Yelp.com
Last March I was involved in a DUI crash and I was the victim, besides my vehicle getting totaled and my medical issues, I felt left in the dark with know where to turn, until I was refer to Heather Ploch, whom completely turn my life, worries, and fears all around and made my all recovery possible, from dealing with insurances companies to the medical staff for my appointments, all the way up to my surgery. Know matter the day or time Heather always made time for me and my issues, I would recommend her to whom ever needs help in finding the best lawyer in the Bay Area for your business.  
    Via Superpages.com
Feb 10, 2014
by jroducmj2a
I was involved in a car accident about 1 year ago and as a result was injured. My friend told me to contact a injury attorney which Im not the kind of guy that would usually do this but I was not at fault and the other driver was so I did not want to be stuck in a situation where I was paying off any of my medical bills with my own finances. I ended up getting in touch with Heather and she was very caring and informative which helped a lot because the whole situation was new to me. I gave her a summary of what happened and she immediately and confidently told me what to do and reassured me the case was solid. A year later I ended up with my medical bills and a settlement and I owe it all to Heather who helped me through the whole thing and kept in constant contact! I highly recommend her to anyone.  
   Via Superpages.com
Sep 13, 2013
by cbdeaustin

Being in a car accident is stressful without having the additional stress of dealing with insurance companies and adjusters, Heather took care of everything, she was efficient and it was a pleasure working with her, I will be using her again the future and referring her to everyone I know. Thanks Heather
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Aug 13, 2012
by anonymous
I had the opportunity to hire Heather Ploch as my attorney after a car accident. She was very professional and friendly, she always helped me and answered all my questions and needs very fast during my case. I would highly recomend Heather to anyone. Thanks Heather! [I. Lincourt]  
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Apr 9, 2012
by isacal18
Heather was an excellent attorney. She was very professional and friendly. She always returned my phone calls in a timely manner and kept me up to date with my case. Heather also got me a settlement much higher than I anticipated receiving. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks Heather!
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Mar 8, 2012
by sj9983
After one of the larger Tampa Bay law firms turned my case down because they perceived it as having low potential I contacted Heather and decided to hire her as my attorney after our initial meeting. She did a fantastic job through her attention to detail, being highly responsive, and her ability to negotiate a great settlement including reducing my medical bills significantly for a case that at one point was not looking good. She is the consummate professional and very focused on her client's needs and I highly recommend you hire Heather for all your legal matters. DM St Petersburg  
  Via Superpages.com
Jan 7, 2012
By mccandless.derek
We had the experience of using her as our Attorney once and she is amazing. Very professional and fast .She likes to be one on one with the client and always there to answer your questions. Also attorney Heather Ploch like to talk directly to the client and no excuses. I really thank her for the help.
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Dec 22, 2011
by Guest98113
My friend and I was involved in a hit and run accident a little over a year ago. She was working for another firm at the time. When she decided to start her her own firm I decided to keep her as my lawyer because she is trustworthy , consistent , and was always available to answer any questions we had in our lawsuit at any given time. If anyone out there is involded in any kind of accident and is injured I recommend you seek Heathers services because she is a great lawyer and will fight and stand in your corner 24/7 . Even after my case was over she keeps in touch with me to see how I'm doing. Not only she is a great lawyer but she is a good friend and a great person and if you need to obtain counsel for a auto related accident you want Heather to represent you. Thank you for reading my review and i thank you again Heather........ Sean S  
   Via Superpages.com
Dec 9, 2011
by Guest21728
Heather Ploch as a representative is especially exceptional for the public. Not only did she win my case but she made sure to be there 24/7 to answer any of my needs that went along with the case. I especially recommend her for any future cases. – R. Ajaltouni  
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Dec 4, 2011
by SuperUser1492
First off I was in a car accident my husband and I and I was skeptical about lawyers in first place but after speaking with heather ploch I knew right away she was genuine that it was about money with her but about get the proper care that was needed she gives you one on one time and she answers every time I called her no matter what time it was she was all in all not only a lawyer but I will Consider her a business friend because I will call her and recommend her if ever need a lawyer again I give her 10 stars and 2 thumbs up THANK YOU HEATHER  
   Via Superpages.com
Dec 4, 2011
by anonymous

Been in a car accident is terrible as it, but with the help of a caring and professional attorney it makes the process easier. Thanks to Heather Ploch for guiding me and helping me getting throughout this long process, I felt like I was never alone. She would always answered all my questions and concerns with a sense of urgency. I really appreciate all the hard work you did for me and my family.  
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Oct 3, 2011
by karinad83